Email is probably one of the most critical communication methods for your dealership. As part of the Driving Sales workshop entitled "Secrets of the Inbox: The New Evolution of Email " we invite you to sign-up for a free email audit.

This custom audit will examine three critical areas of your email marketing:

  1. Your dealership's online email reputation which determines whether your emails are delivered to your customer's and prospect's inbox or spam folder.
  2. Your email deliverability - we will mystery shop your dealership to see what the top five email providers are doing with your emails when you send them.
  3. Your email's message effectiveness - are your emails engaging your customers and getting them to take action? We'll evaluate your emails to let you know.

Sign-up today and we'll have your custom report ready for you at the workshop on 10/23 at 3pm which will be presented by Jeff Kershner of and Malinda Terreri of