Top 3 Car Dealership Newsletter Mistakes

Does your car dealership newsletter suffer from these common mistakes?

Mistake #1: Boring Content… this stat might surprise you.

If your newsletters aren’t getting a 20-25% click through rate, your newsletter content isn’t engaging your customers like it should. If customers don’t see the value in clicking on your stories, it’s just a matter of time before they stop seeing the value of even opening your newsletter.

Even worse… email providers (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) monitor which emails their customers open. If your newsletters are consistantly not opened by a customer, that email provider can start delivering your newsletter to the spam folder instead.

We can show you two simple tricks to easily increase customer engagement with your newsletter while also generating hot leads for you.

Mistake #2: Lost Website Traffic

Do you have your menu navigation at the top of every page on your website? Of course you do because without easy access to the 40+ links most dealer websites have, you lose traffic. But do you have those same menu links at the top of your newsletter content pages?

At no extra charge, we build a custom microsite that matches the look, feel and navigation of your main website. This microsite hosts your newsletter content so all of your important links are just an easy click away.

Mistake #3: Outdated technology

Is your newsletter company keeping up with the latest email marketing advances? Are you taking advantage of:

SmartSend technology which delivers your newsletters to your customers’ inboxes at the time they typically check their email.

Triggered follow-ups that are automatically sent to your customers based on which story they click on. It’s just like having a virtual sales force.

Automated DMS integration so you know which of your customers read your newsletter and then purchased a vehicle and/or service work and the total dollars generated. Plus, you don’t have to mess with database exports.

We include all of these capabilities plus how-to videos, social media integration and more at one affordable price.

Mistake #4: Not taking advantage of a Free Demo and a Free Trial

Ok, we promised three mistakes and we’re listing four.

May we put together a sample eNewsletter for you – personalized with your photo, your dealership’s info, and built on a microsite to match your website? (We’ll do all the work for you, at no obligation.)

If you like the sample, then we’d like to prove how effective our newsletters are by giving you a free month to see for yourself how much more sales and service revenue our newsletters can generate for you.

Interested? Simply call (800) 879-8870 or send us an email and we’ll start working on your sample eNewsletter.

Malinda Terreri


If you choose to continue after the trial, we’ll send up to 5000 eNewsletters for just $495/mo without any long-term contracts. We handle everything – from content and distribution to tracking and reporting. What’s not to love about that? So please give us a call today.

About 1to1 News, LLC - Automotive Online Newsletters

Malinda Terreri is President of 1to1 News, LLC, an automotive newsletter service for car dealers that combines social media; automotive videos and articles; interactive contests; behavior-based marketing and a touch of humor to create automotive newsletters that average a 25% open rate and a 30% click through rate. | (800) 879-8870
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