Car Dealerships & Newsletter Contracts

Recently we were contacted by a Chevrolet dealership interested in switching to our automotive newsletter service because they were unhappy with their current provider. They were all ready to make the switch and then realized that instead of being in a month-to-month contract with their old provider, they were actually locked in for another 13 months.


Ask yourself this: If you owned a newsletter company and knew that the car dealerships that you worked with were going to evaluate your newsletter performance:

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Once every three years

what do you think would happen?

Do you think you might make sure your newsletter was continually upgraded, optimized for engagement and delivering a high ROI if you knew someone was looking at your performance each month rather than every 3 years?

Here’s the good news if you find yourself in a long-term newsletter contract with a “Goliath vendor” that you would like to get out of. It turns out that the vendor with often let you switch those dollars to another one of their services.

So this story had a happy ending. The client was able to get out of their newsletter commitment and start his month-to-month contract with us.


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Malinda Terreri is President of 1to1 News, LLC, an automotive newsletter service for car dealers that combines social media; automotive videos and articles; interactive contests; behavior-based marketing and a touch of humor to create automotive newsletters that average a 25% open rate and a 30% click through rate. | (800) 879-8870
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