Is Your Email Mobile Friendly?

E-mail has definitely changed. Here are some of the latest statistics regarding the use of mobile devices:

  • 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014. This is an increase from the 48% percent seen in Q2 2014. – Experian “Quarterly email benchmark report” (Q3 2014)
  • Mobile email opens have grown 180% in three years. From 15% Q1 2011 to 42% in Q1 2014. –Campaign Monitor “Email interaction across mobile and desktop” (Q1 2014)
  • By the end of 2018, worldwide mobile email users are expected to total over 2.2 billion. By this time, 80% of email users are expected to access their email accounts via a mobile device. (Radicati)

Here’s another number for you… 69% of e-mails that aren’t optimized for Smartphones are deleted as soon as they’re opened. Ouch!

Most emails that are deleted due to formatting are usually deleted because the images are too big and clunky; they don’t fit on the screen; they can’t be moved or the whole process is arduous and annoying. That means “Bye-Bye” for your e-mail.

I recently received an email with a .bmp image (Bit-Mapped Picture file) that was in excess of 30 megabytes of data – for an illustration of a man in a tuxedo, sitting at a piano – just three colors (black, white, and skin tone). Why?—because it was a couple of thousand pixels wide and tall, but completely uncompressed. I ended up stopping it because I thought it was broken. I only found out when I got back to my desktop and tried again that it was just too big. Remember, every second it delays a customer, causes a 6-8% drop in the conversion rate.

You could struggle to prepare all your e-mails in an HTML editor, and then add Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) instructions inline to force it to work with most phone mail-readers, and that’s fine if you have an innate talent for programing. Instead there are places you can go to get templates for your e-mails that are already formatted to render perfectly on any mobile device. In the space of about five or ten minutes, you can create a beautiful e-mail in its entirety.

Some free template options include: also provides a free trial to let you see how exactly how your email will look in 70+ email clients and mobile devices so you can fix any rendering issues BEFORE you hit send.

It really is amazing how simple it is to create a complete e-mail that you can confidently sent out, knowing that everyone will be able to see it, read it and not delete it due to formatting issues. If you’re not using a responsive design in your emails, why not give it a test for your next campaign and see how it performs?

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