Yahoo Email Alert for Automotive Newsletter Marketing

If you’re a car dealer sending automotive newsletters (or you do any type of email marketing), here is an update that will impact your email marketing to Yahoo users.

Yahoo recently announced that they will be releasing user IDs that haven’t been accessed in over 12 months and making those user IDs available for someone else to register. Additionally, Yahoo announced a policy that user IDs will be released after 12 months of inactivity moving forward. So Yahoo users who don’t log into their accounts in 12 months will lose their user ID.

What this means for yahoo users:
If your current email is and you’ve always coveted the address – this may be your lucky chance to get it.

What this may mean for car dealers (and all email marketers):
Once this update goes into effect, a couple of things could happen. Let’s use the example of Bob changing his email from to to the new which becomes available.

1. If you currently have in your email database:

A. And a new person registers, you’ll be sending your email to the wrong Bob. What do people do that get email they didn’t ask for? They hit the spam button which impacts your deliverability to all yahoo users if your complaint rate gets too high (we like to stay in the range of 1-2 per 1000).

B. And no one registers, you’ll send to a bad email address which will bounce. High bounce rates can impact your deliverability as well.

2. If you currently have in your email database – you may or may not get notified of the address change. Sending to the old address may or may not forward to the new address. Details aren’t clear yet.

What do we recommend?
1. Clean out your inactive yahoo user accounts (we recommend this for all email accounts) and continue to purge inactive accounts moving forward since this will affect all yahoo accounts that become inactive at 12 months.

2. Work with a newsletter company that will proactively keep your list clean and your emails going to the inbox… our phone number is (800) 879-8870 if you would like more details.

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