Stop Sharing Your Automotive Newsletters in Social Media

As I’ve mentioned before, getting great inbox delivery for your automotive newsletters is all about engagement. The email providers are tracking whether people open, read and click on your newsletter or does it go unopened and deleted. Those messages that aren’t opened may very well start getting delivered straight to your customers’ junk folders in the email providers on-going effort to keep only wanted information in the inbox.

But recently Chris Penn, the Director of Inbound Marketing at WhatCounts, did a study that showed posting a link to your newsletter from your social media is actually cannibalizing your open rates. If people read your newsletter through facebook, why do they need to open it and read it in your inbox? Your open rates go down and then your deliverability suffers.

A much better option is to simply post a social media message asking people to check their inboxes for the latest issue, or to sign up if they aren’t on the list. At 1to1 News, we can automatically generate this post for you as part of sending your newsletter.

To read Chris’s full article, click here

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Malinda Terreri is President of 1to1 News, LLC, an automotive newsletter service for car dealers that combines social media; automotive videos and articles; interactive contests; behavior-based marketing and a touch of humor to create automotive newsletters that average a 25% open rate and a 30% click through rate. | (800) 879-8870
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